Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Grade!!

Summer has come and gone like a tornado in a trailer park, and school had taken over, especially my sleeping in. Mason has started first grade, holy cow, I swear I just put him in kindergarten. He said his first day was "Awesome...We have three recesses"! Of course, he's a boy and playing is all that matters to a 5 1/2 year old. He has a great teacher and a DESK! How cool! Ok now lets see how fast this year goes by. I can't believe that my little ones are growing up so fast, and it just keeps on getting faster, and faster, yeah? I love you Mason!!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

California Adventure

We yet again headed down to L.A. for our last chance to visit Disneyland and California Adventure before our tickets expired and school starts. This time we went to California Adventure for the first time and let me tell you the "Soaring over California" ride was the bomb! Even Mason, our little chicken, Loved that ride. We also experienced "Mickeys Fun Wheel", which is a huge Farris wheel that moves your little cage back and forth. Larry didn't like that one very much to say the very least. Ask Larry for the full story. Any way, we tried to get Mason to do the Jedi Academy Training, but he was quite reserved about it, however, Honey stood up and raised her hand to try to get picked but I think she was a little young. She was very bummed she didn't get to pick a light saber. That girl has no fear or reservations about anything. Enjoy the few pics from our Cal Adventure!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

25 Weeks and Counting

So I've officially hit the midway point and am heading full steam in to uncomfortable phase #3. This is the part where tying my own shoes, shaving my legs, and picking up toys becomes an interesting yet complicated art that may never be mastered. Although, this third time around is quite fun with the two little ones kissing and nuzzling, tapping and pushing, running and bumping into the mass protruding from my middle. They find it quite amusing, and Mason is always asking if he can feel it kicking. Its fun, I love to see their reactions and wide eyes when it comes to my growing belly.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lake San Antonio Ski Week

Thanks to the Bennett family we were able to enjoy their annual Wilde ski/camp week up in Paso Robles, at Lake San Antonio. It was a Monday to Friday camp/family/sun/swim/fun/eat/etc. spectacular. I think there was approx. 54 family/friends to enjoy the time with. We had over 10 camp sites and more than 15 tents to accommodate all of us. We swam all day, and played games and chatted all night. We played a newly wed game for those of us married 10 years or less, and one oldly wed game for those marred 20 years or more. And let me tell you, the songs " I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", "I Stand All Amazed", and "Great Balls of Fire" all now have alternate meanings thanks to the oldly wed game. Thank you Steve and Wendi for putting on a terrific week for us! Enjoy the pics from the week! This is Honey the first day we were there. It was a prelude to what the rest of the week would look like. The many faces of my daughter, and let me tell you there are plenty more. The Bennett/ Hockman Families. The entire group of us that was there! Yup! That's my brother! Our beach hotel, a little place to escape from the sun, if even for a little while. This is the only way you'll see my son smiling on the weenie dog, as long as its not in the water being pulled by the boat. Way to relax, sweetie! I think Larry was more scared than Honey on this ride. But I am proud he got up there and did it. Mason's turn. It didn't last very long. But again I am proud that he tried it. Can you spot the dog in this Pic. I guess we wore Cheezy out too.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Disneyland round two and Sea Center

So we went to Disneyland yet again, thanks to the three day passes we got this summer, and still have one more time to go. We also went to the Ty Warner Sea Center with our neighbor friends the other day and thought I'd post some pics of our trips. Click to enlarge pic. The Bennett and half of the Hockman clan roll'n on Thunder Mnt. Ty Warner Sea Center. Yes he is the founder of the Beanie Babies. Maddie and Honey. Petting the mini Sharks. And then the star fish and sea cucumbers. Maddie, Honey, and Mason. Check out my floaters!! Finishing up with some ice cream.