Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Turkeys

Thanksgiving was a fantastic feast, full of food, family, and fun. We spent the "giving" holiday with Larry's sister (Misty) and her family in Huntington Beach where we met Larry's moms' new husband, also known as Larry (crazy, right?). Nice guy. After stuffing our bellies with all the fixins' we lounged around until...I know its late...8:30pm. Ok, and here is why. Misty and her neighbor, Brenda, her daughter, and I got up at 4:30am for BLACK FRIDAY x-mas shopping. I know, I'm crazy. But it was the atmosphere and company that made it fun. We went to Khol's first, which was a mad house even before we got there at 5am because they opened at 4am, where after an hour of shopping came the one and a half hour wait in line to pay fun. But wait, check this out before you start to judge, I got ALL my Christmas shopping done, in one day! Ha ha! Now what! Just before we headed home from our early morning day, we stopped by the beach for some fun in the sand. Note the pictures below for that adventure.

Honey was absolutely crazy at the beach today, ask her dad, he could hardly keep her out of the water.

Here we are, sand and all. Just look at Honey's hands.
This is what it was like to try to get a picture with her. She did not want to hold still.
Mason, the calm one, was just looking for shells and such the whole time.
Brothers, Zane and Zach sharing a sweet moment. Bet you don't get many of these very often, huh Misty.
Larry, Mom, and Misty.
Honey, in the sand again.
DANG! Who is that Hottie!
OUCH! Hang on I need a moment...gotta wipe up the drool.
Here we are, still alive.
Mason's toes.
Honey's toes. Happy Thanksgiving, Y'a all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Rain

It started raining this afternoon and the kids
could hardly wait to get out their rain coats
and umbrella's and start sloshing around in
all the puddles.
Posted by PicasaDrip, drop rain is falling
rolling, tumbling softly down,
on my lashes on my nose
and in my ears the magic sound.
Each little drop, wet and clean
holds within a world unseen.
a million diamonds of wealth untold
sprinkles each flower soft and cold.

Monday, November 24, 2008


There is nothing quite like Family. I'm not sure what I would do without them in my life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Joy of a Simple Pomegranate

I was taking some pictures of Mason the other day while he was eating a pomegranate. It was so cute, he had it splattered all over his face. I don't know about you but pomegranate's are such strong reminders of my youth, my parents house has an orchard with few fruit trees and we would patiently wait til they split so we could eat them. The pomegranate that Mason is eating is from that very same tree, my mom brought them down when she and my dad visited us a few weeks ago.
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mason turns 5

My baby turned five years old on the 5th, so weird, I have a 5 year old. I feel so...old. So how else to you celebrate a five year old's "Golden Birthday" but to go to Chuck E. Cheese of course. Mason and Honey in the helicopter ride, I am so glad they get along so well. Serious competition here. Lame ride, but the kids had to do it at least once. Happy Birthday Mason, wait... the real cake is down below. This one was just temporary.
Mason got a fish for his birthday. He picked it out and named him/her Ruby. We love her, shes so dang cute.
Ok, here is the real cake. My gracious neighbor helped me make this cake for Mason's party we had at our house on Friday. He's leaning a little to the right so instead of Puff the magic dragon, we named him Duff, or Duffy. He's a little chunky around the middle, he either ate too much cake or had a little too much to drink, you can make your own assumptions. But he was so much fun to make, and yes I am a little proud of myself for taking on the challenge.
We played pin the face on the boy, here is Mason doing his best.
Honey's turn, she thought it was so funny to be blindfolded.
Here is how her face turned out.
My brother decided to play too and I think I spun him around a few too many times cause he almost lost his dinner. That's ok though, siblings are suppose to have a little fun, right? Thanks for being a good sport, Brother.
Larry did it too and here is his face...pretty good sweetie.
Next was the doughnut on the string. It was so cute to see the little ones trying not to use their hands. Powder was everywhere, so cute.
Go Honey!
After the doughnut game, look at all the powdery faces.
Happy Birthday Mason. Wow, five candles!
Present opening time. Mason had a blast and is grateful for all the friends and family that came to his party.