Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

Merry Christmas Family & Friends,                                                                     Christmas 2010
Tis the Season, yet again. Time to dust off that fake holiday pine, untangle the nest of lights and teeter on the edge of a roof all for that commercialized idealism of what Christmas should look like. Isn't it pretty! 
Royal, just turned one, and is the sparkle in our eyes. She is such a joy to have walking around the house. She makes plenty of messes, whether its pulling all the books off the shelf, spreading all the hair accessories over the floor, or “helping” Cheezy, our dog eat his food. She loves to dance, chase her brother and sister, hugs and snuggling, to show us her new teeth, and cuddle with the doggy. But babies beware, she will eat you up. She loves them and tries to kiss and hug them to death. Its pretty funny to watch.
Honey, 4, is enjoying preschool, and playing with her new friends. She is such a silly girl with lots of personality. She has a wild imagination, tons of creativity and says she wants to be a cake maker when she grows up. She is always in the kitchen asking to help. Mommy can’t wait till she really can. She played soccer for the first time this year, and really enjoyed it.
Mason, 7, started out in 2nd grade this year only to find out that our recent move was too much for his little spirit to handle. We let him do another year in first grade and found out that it was the best decision we could have made. He is at the top of his class in reading, and math, and is finally confident in himself for the first time. Mason played soccer again where their team was undefeated and went to the finals this year. He scored plenty of goals, and is growing to love the sport more and more.
Janese, is starting to pursue her passion for everything photography, and trying to live her dream as a family photographer. She is desperately trying to learn the technique of capturing the perfect moment. She has photographed many families and is completely fascinated by all the possible outcomes of each picture. She is busy trying to balance, family, photography and her church calling as primary secretary. She also started running and finished her first half marathon in November in Santa Barbara with her brother. She is hoping to run a full marathon next year, baby steps.
Larry, transferred to San Luis Obispo county where he is now the Public Information Officer for the Coastal Division, covering offices from Santa Cruz to Moorpark. He has made trips to Monterey for the Laguna Seca racing events, set up booths here at the local farmers market in San Luis Obispo, and had an eventful couple of nights working in Isla Vista for Halloween to name a few. Larry was recently called to the young mens at church and is excited to get to know all those rambunctious teenage spirits.
We are enjoying our new home here in (omitted), being closer to family, loving the country and small town feeling here on the Central Coast and right in the middle of wine country. Well at least we get to enjoy the beautiful vineyards, rolling hills and ocean air. 
May we try to remember our beautiful Savior among all the presents, lights, and decorations that can blur out the true meaning of why we celebrate CHRISTmas in the first place. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  
Happy Holidays,
Larry & Janese, Mason, Honey, and Royal Hockman

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas out takes

We took our family pictures down at Avila Beach, and it was a perfect day. Overcast, and just a little breeze, but not too cold. It actually felt a little bit like winter at the beach. Well as much as winter can feel like at the beach that is. It was nice, ok. Anyway, thank you mom for taking our pictures here are a few that didn't quite make the cut into the Christmas card but were still nice enough to show.

I was on Larry's shoulders because I was trying to take a picture that I needed a higher angle for...and this was taken while I was ready to get down!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here comes Santa Claus!

We had our ward Christmas party Friday night, with a craft for the kids, some caroling, good food, and a little number by the primary. Then Santa came out and surprised all the kids! It was pretty cute. I had to get one with Santa and Royal, the typical baby screams on Santa's lap picture,  it was perfect. Larry thought I was mean, but it was awesomely classic!

Love it! Poor baby, hee hee!