Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

There is so much to be thankful for I cannot even begin to see it's end. From Family and friends, God and country, to clean water and pumpkin pie with whip cream, the list is endless. We had a low key thanksgiving with family here in SLO, and the dinner as always was fantastic. I do believe that Thanksgiving should be a semi-annual holiday, because turkey dinner with all the fixings shouldn't be just once a year. We went to the Los Osos Sand dunes and hiked to the top, (mind you I was carrying a 20+ lb child), played in the surf, and enjoyed the cool brisk fall sea air. From us to you, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, complete with full hearts and bellies!

 Steven, I think he missed it actually. Nice try. But it looks good though.

Typical, brother throws sister in ocean, kind of love.              
 I went outside to see if I could get some pictures of the girls for our Christmas cards, but didn't really like the way they turned out, but still liked them enough to post.
 Royal is trying to do a somersault.

 LOVE, the colors of Fall!
 My pretty, pretty!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Picture Shelves

I saw these shelves on a web site and asked my sweet husband to build me a couple. I have way too many picture frames, and that would mean way too many holes in the walls. I am so happy the way it turned out and he saved us like $150+ by making them himself. He's so handy. Anyway, there are a few that need some pictures, but now at least I have a place to put them all! Thank you, Darling!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mason turned the big "oh- 7"!

Firstly I would like to apologize to all my faithful bloggers for my absence. I have only but sad and lame excuses so I won't waste your time trying to explain myself. I think though that it was my sad looking, neglected blog that was essentially keeping me from posting. It needed a little TLC to say the least. So I perked her up a bit, threw out some old and put in some new. Now she is all done up and ready to give all you avid readers something better to look at and read. 

  Mason had his 7th, (yes I did say 7th), birthday on the 5th. My baby is getting so old. And the sad thing is that the older he gets, the older I get dang it. I hate how that works out like that. Anyway here are some pics from his birthday. It just so happened that I ran my first half marathon that morning in Santa Barbara, so I was a bit tired and sore, so we just threw him a little party and called it good.
My really good friend made these super cute cupcakes, love the edible star sprinkles.
For those of you with kids in school, maybe you can relate to what I would call "the curse of the silly bands"! They are everywhere, the kids trade them, and I only let Mason take one to school and he still comes home with 4 or kid. I thought I would post some pics of my half marathon, I feel like it should get proper attention since I trained really hard for it.
My brother, Steve, Me, and Dave (Amber's Hubbie).
Whoo Hoo! I finished, 2:11:18.
I started running with these two girls in order to train for this awesome event, they were the ones who pushed me and said I could do it!