Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hockman Family Picture Show

Here is the DVD we made of the 2007 year of the Hockmans. Enjoy!!

Christmas Letter

I am so sorry that I didn't get our Christmas letter out this year. I actually had it written like two weeks before Christmas but just could not get it out. Thats probably because a week before Christmas day we moved back into our house in Arroyo Grande. We are very excited. Anyway let me post our Christmas letter so that you can see what we have been up to. December 2007 Happy New Year Family & Friends, Our annual Christmas letter is here just in time for the…ummm… New Year. I know it’s late but at least I have it posted, right? Anyway, let me catch you up with what the Hockmans are up to. As most of you know we are currently living In Culver City, California, which is oh… I don’t know, just a few blocks away from the official city limits of Los Angeles. We are located about three miles from LAX airport and about seven miles from the L.A. Temple. We have lived here now for about 8 months where Larry was transferred to once he graduated the CHP Academy. We live in a two bedroom apartment with a unit above us and another below, and no back yard. Also, we have had many instances where it has rained in our house caused by the upstairs neighbors tub over-flow, toilet over-flow, and a leaky washer, just to name a few. Needless to say that we are tired of all the “accidents” and are moving back to our house in Arroyo Grande. Larry will live with his sister Misty and her family in Huntington Beach until his transfer takes effect sometime in May. This is all happening so fast but that’s what the Hockman’s are all about, we are movers and shakers. Mason is a sweet but active four year old. We recently put him in Karate and he goes to a small co-op preschool once a week. He loves the movie Transformers and if he could he would watch it all day long. We took Mason to Disneyland for the first time for his birthday where he loved the rides Matterhorn and Space Mountain; yes he was just tall enough. He is an awesome big brother and looks out for his little sister all the time. They often play together whether it’s taking her for a ride on his bike or in her doll stroller racing down the hall. Honey, is my little mess maker. She loves to dump or pour just about anything out onto the floor or in her hair. She also loves to color and draw on the couch, doors and walls. Thank goodness for wipes and vacuum cleaners. She is 18 months of fun and only weighs about four pounds less than Mason. She is a livewire and defiantly a girl, watch out for her mood swings; they come and go like she was a full grown woman. She is our little parrot and can talk pretty good for her age. She is always saying “I love you” and is our sweet little girl, most of the time. Larry is enjoying the CHP, speeding down the highway chasing drunk drivers and speeders. But the crashes and reports are not his favorite and would do without those if he could. He is working the night shift and we are all trying to get use to his sleep schedule the best we can. He is always tired, and we can usually find him on the couch sleeping, trying to stay awake. He comes home every morning (thankfully) with interesting stories to tell and reminds me of my childhood when my dad would come home with stories from the fires. I am truly blessed to have such a selfless husband that provides for our little family while risking his life to help others. I am thrilled to say that I am thus far a successful stay at home mom; I have survived two children and have kept them alive now for four years. I must be doing something right. I try to play basketball at the church on Wednesdays or Saturdays or when I can and I help teach Masons preschool every so often. I am the Primary Secretary at church and enjoy being with the little children each week. I have posted a blog on the internet of our family and you may check it out every so often to see pictures of us and little tid bits of what we are up to: May you have a wonderful Christmas season and a Happy New Year! Bring the light of Christ into your homes and peace in your hearts this Holiday Season and all year long. Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!! Larry, Janese, Mason, & Honey Hockman

Monday, December 3, 2007

Beautiful Day in Malibu

We decided to check out a beach in Malibu, and oh my what a beautiful day it turned out to be. We ate lunch at an outside restaurant called Gladstones, which was literaly on the same beach as the pictures.
After lunch we walked down to the beach and played. It was perfect weather and it was so beautiful. Its crazy to think that we live just a few minutes from this beautiful place.
Yes, Honey had sand in all the cracks, as we found out later that day. Here she is putting it in her hair, how lovely.
Honey was on her tummy just before, I picked her up to show all the sand.
Mason flying through the air, ok ...well, maybe he was just jumping off the rocks.