Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life this week for Officer Hockman

What in the world does my husband do at work? Well now I know, kinda, not really. Larry is all over the place lately. He made it in the paper twice in one week. The picture below is of a rollover crash, where the man was being combative and would not come out of his totalled truck. The fire department had to use the Jaws of Life just to get him out, cause he didn't want to. Larry had to ride in the ambulance with him so he wouldn't try to run off and let the paramedics do their job.
Here is a close up of Larry getting into the ambulance with the injured crazy man.
Just yesterday, hot off the press. Front page of the Santa Barbara news-press Larry got a call of a hit and run, where the hit, was a house. After the (little) man drove into the house he took off and ran just a few houses down and baracaded himself in his garage. Larry, gun drawn, searched his residence and later learned that he was in the locked garage. Sheriff officers finally showed up, and it took a K9 and a tazer to the chest to finally get this dude out. Larry was assigned to watch the suspect, which he later learned, was a felon and has been on the run since last year. Larry's shift ended at 2:15pm but didn't get home til after 10:00pm. He was very tired last night but still had to get up at 5:45am for work this morning. Poor guy. He was on our local news last night and this morning so I've heard, for this story.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Some random (beach) pics

We stopped at the beach on the way home from our visit to see Larry's Sister and family and I snapped a few pictures just for fun.
Yes, Honey sat right down on the WET sand. No, she did not wet herself, at least not for this picture.
Mason had a blast climbing the rocks that surrounded the beach.
A bird.
The railroad tracks were right on the beach practically.