Thursday, July 31, 2008


Love this pic, took it yesterday at the park.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

We've Moved...again.

Yes, this will be our 8th move since we have been married, no, no don't feel sorry for us...well ok do feel sorry for us. Its not our fault we move so often, I just like to place the blame somewhere other than ourselves, we just can't help it I guess. We had to, gas prices are way too high to make Larry commute an hour and 15min each way to Santa Barbara, plus we need to see him more often. Anyway, we moved to a small town, and when I mean small I mean population 3000 small, called Buellton. Its still on the central coast but inland a little and its between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, closer to SB. So far its been really nice. There are other families with young children that live next door and across the way from us. We all come out into the driveway and let our kids play and let the dogs run around and get out for a bit. The weather is a little bit warmer, which I love, and the kids don't freeze when they get out of the kiddie pool we have in the back yard. Since we sold our house in AG, we have no strings still attached to us and plan to be in one place for a while, well at least a year right? I mean that's how long the lease is, ha ha ha! Here are some pics of our new place. Please feel free to come and visit us anytime.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Butterfly Beach

As some of you know, we are currently looking for a place to call home in Santa Barbara... since that is where Larry's office is located. Yesterday we took a trip down there to see a few potential properties and ended up at the Beach afterward. Of course, right? This is a beach called Butterfly Beach, very pretty, in Monticito. We had lots of fun playing in the water and sand but we found a most unpleasant friend that had stuck itself to the bottom of our feet...Tar. Yuck! I guess its because of the many oil drills out in the ocean all around Santa Barbara. Oh does anyone have any tips for us to either avoid the tar or help us get it off? I would love to know.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July at Pismo Beach

What a spectacular day we had yesterday. The Roldans (friends of ours) met us in pismo to have a day in the sun and then watch fireworks in the evening. Larry had to work of course, any holiday is a priority day for the CHP, and with the big fire going on in Santa Barbara he expected to work over-time too, poor him.
It was a very memorable e
xperience to say the least. I can't ever remember a time where I have seen more people in one place at one time than on Pismo Beach last night. Quite overwhelming. Sarah got us prime VIP seats on the Pier to watch the fireworks and Honey could not get enough of them once they started popping. Both kids and myself had a blast making the trek to actually go and see fireworks up close this year, it was Mason and Honeys first time.

Pismo Beach. Sarah and Nikoa.
Waiting for the fireworks.
Our friends The Roldans.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer fun

I just thought it would be fun to post some pics of Honey sharing her ice cream with Cheezy. It's just so typical to see a child share with her pet, a perfect summer treat...wouldn't you say? Yummy!
This went back and forth until the ice cream was gone.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You know your a Mom when...

You know your a Mom get woken up at 6am to your daughter throwing up on you and your pillow, and cleaning up your kids diahrea that got on the floor and tolit seat, and doing 10 loads of laundry cause you've used up all your clean towels and clean clothes to clean up puke, and...It's your Birthday!!! Happy Birthday to me!