Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend started out with a bang! My Nephew returned home from his Mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Thursday. Congratulations Steven, you returned with Honor, We are so proud! Then it was off to Oakland where on Friday my Niece was to be married for time and all eternity at the Oakland Temple. Here are some pics from that. Congratulations Dave and Amber Hill. Branden, Steven, and Steve. You guys are looking good! Here is a pic of our good friends Liz and Kevin Robertson, and their four kids. I had to get a candid of that family, too cute! 4 year old Jaydn, twin girls 3 year old Maddalyn and Olivia, and 3 month old Gabriella. It was so good to see you guys again! You rock Robertson Family! My two studs, Daddy and Mason! Holy mole, someone go get the fire extinguisher, we've got a hot one here! Dang, I am one lucky girl. All in the family... my brother Steve, Me, and my sister Deena. Here comes the Bride, Amber and her new husband Dave. Welcome to the family!
Thats one Eternal Family!
Then on Saturday, Buellton, had their annual 10,000 easter egg extravaganza. We attended with our neighbor friends Meghan and Robin and their little girl Maddie. Getting ready for the Easter Egg race. These are the gruesome twosome. Good friends Honey and Maddie. Honey actually found a lucky ticket. Out of 10,000 eggs 30 of them had prize tickets in them, and she somehow got one. Lucky girl! Mason, was determined this year...he ran all the way to the end where there wasn't anyone and got a pretty good number of eggs. Good strategy Mason! At the crafts Larry did an awesome job at a tissue paper flower, wow such talent I never knew about dear. Later that day it was back to San Luis Obispo for Amber and Dave's reception. What a beautiful event! You look beautiful Amber! Honey, waiting with all the single ladies to try to catch the bouquet. She did not however catch the bouquet but did manage to get a flower from it. Now its Mason's turn to try his luck with all the single men. Again, no such luck, thats a good thing bud. My handsome little boy! Looks like he's getting daddy's charm. Honey and Steve danced the night away. I don't think she missed a single song to dance to. And she didn't want to leave once the party was over. She is one party animal, huh Steve!? What a great weekend, I Just Love My Family!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Day TURKEY!!!!

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Baking, shopping, eating, I know its pretty far in the future to think about, but its not really if it happens to be your due date! Our 80% effective birth control method finally gave out and that other 20% bit us in the booty big time. Yeah, so I'm pregnant....again. Third times a charm, but in the case of morning sickness its a big fat pain in the gut. I think it gets worse every time. Should be called all day, all night, wanna go into a coma for the next three months-sickness. Its a good thing Larry starts his vacation on Monday, cause mommy has officially checked out. So we were surprised a few weeks ago, with a positive home pregnancy test, a late period, sore boobies, and nausea, to find that yeah, here goes round three. Then my Dr.'s apt. gave the confirmation and said that I am due on the 26th of November, Thanksgiving Day! No need to buy a turkey, I'll make my own, thank you. Now I just need to get through the next six weeks and we'll be all set. I'll keep you all posted on my progress, however I'm not posting any pics today since I haven't combed my hair in approximately four days. Yes, I shower and wash myself, but that has been the extent of my personal grooming. I have the biggest birds nest in my hair right now and will probably have to cut it out later, ha ha ha! Oh well. Ok, I need to go lay down now before I loose what I ate for breakfast all over the screen.