Monday, November 30, 2009

She's Here!!

Wow, I cannot believe that I am a mother of three...a family of five! We just barely fit into our 5 passenger car, without an inch to spare. Royal Novell Rose Hockman, born sunny side up (face up), at 10:35pm on November 27, 2009. She weighed in at a hefty 8lbs. 14oz. (That's almost 9lbs, btw) and was 21in. long. It all started at 8:30am that Friday morning with an induction. I was already at 3cm. but was not effaced hardly at all. I do believe that if I had not been induced I would have been preggo for much, much longer, even though she was already over due. Pitocin was given at increasing doses for most of the day and when I hit 6-7cm I went ahead and asked for the epidural. What a nice feeling to go from lots of pain to none at all. But it was short lived and just a few hours of relaxing the pain started to come back, slowly at first but increasing each time. I couldn't figure it out...why was I feeling so much pain, I got an epidural??? Well, I finally felt like pushing cause the pain was overwhelming and pushing felt much better. So on we went to get the Dr. and started the process of making her way down the canal. OUCH!!!! An hour+ of hard core pushing and she was still not here. Something was wrong...I pushed Honey out in like 10min. why was this one taking so long?? I was running out of energy and getting frustrated when the Dr. said she was coming out face up. Which I was the reason of two things, why she was taking so long and why I did not feel my epidural working. Her little head was pressing on my bones and tissue keeping her from making a quicker appearance and keeping all the epidural meds from getting to my special spots. Need less to say I did have her completely natural and not pain free like I had hoped. She came out without more than a little peep and has been great so far, but we all know what happens after the few days of sleeping...they wake up!! Nursing took a little longer and is as painful as ever but will soon be a figment of my imagination. We are so excited to welcome Royal to our family and her biggest fan would be Mason. He cannot get enough of her and wants to hold her all of the time. The smile he gets when he sees her would melt your heart. I am so happy and cannot wait for what the future holds. I truly love my little family. Thank you Alisha for painting my toes before I went to the hospital. A final look before her arrival. A hospital gown a friend made for me to wear instead of the nasty ones they make you wear.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Shower

My Good friend Meghan, threw me a baby shower on Saturday, and it was a blast! Many Thanks to her and all of her hard work for putting it all together for me and my new little girl! She will be well dressed and cared for thanks to all the lovely outfits and things that were given to her. Enjoy the pics of the shin-dig! AND...please ignore the double chin!!! Yummy food...Cranberry and turkey croissants, cheese platter, delicious egg salad sandwiches, pineapple punch, artichoke dip, apple pie squares, pumpkin cheese cake tarts, and hot apple cider! Yeah...too bad people who missed it! Holding friend, Monique's little one. She had a perfect little shelf to play on. Eliza, a girl I teach Sunday school to, was really trying to win the "baby" game but I had just caught her saying "Baby" and she had to fork over all of her clothes pins. Elizabeth, a friend from church, whom is also preggers, won the "string" game, and was within half an inch of guessing the right circumference around my belly. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Friend and hair dresser, April! She is awesome by the way with hair color! Even though she lost the clothes pins once she ended up with the most at the end...good job Eliza! That is one determined little girl.

Baby Love

My dear sweet Husband took these photos...pretty good huh? Here it is in all it's glory! I've got about 2 weeks left, thank goodness, and we still haven't gotten a car seat yet. OOOps! I actually haven't gotten a thing done yet, the crib is just full of baby stuff waiting to be put away and organized. I just keep telling myself... I've got time??!!
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