Monday, June 22, 2009

Start of Summer Vacation

This summer has started out with a bang! Since Larry has vacation this month we decided to do a little vacation. It started with the Graduation of our Neice, Alisha and moved on from there! We headed back to my home town where we stayed a week with my parents and did a little sight seeing. We played at a park we love down in Folsom where the water sprayed from fountains, then moved on to Folsom lake, had a b-b-q and Grandpa took Mason fishing for the first time, but didn't catch anything, bummer. Then we took the beautiful drive up Hwy 50 towards Tahoe and hiked down to Emerald Bay. What a beautiful lake. We packed a lunch down there and we watched the kids play in the freezing Tahoe water. We then headed back toward our home and stopped at San Antonio Lake for some Father's Day weekend camping with some friends of ours. We boated, beached and swam for a whole day, where unfortunately I burned a terrible sun burn. Oh well that's what you get for being a white, red head. Our trip had some interesting events to note, such as Mason crossing paths with a two foot rattle snake, catching mini frogs, feeding geese (which bit me and Mason on the hand), pulling little leaches off our legs (EEEEWWeee!), having Honey cry all night while camping, and getting stung by a bee! Yes for the first time in my life I was stung on the hand by a bee, little bugger. And mind you it HURT! Other than that... it was a great family adventure! Enjoy our pictures ! Alisha and her Daddy, at Gratuation. Alisha and her Mommy! The Bennett fam. We're just missing half of them, where you at Steven and Amber! Grandpa and Mason, just fishin. The crazy geese, they were savages when it came to the bread we were throwing out. Emerald Bay! So pretty! A water fall, that is a little hard to see cause of all the people around us, we couldn't get very close. Grandpa and Honey. Again, in the freezing water. Ouch...I know I've said this before, but I can't help myself. One Hot Mountain Man. I love the expression on Honey's face, sheer thrill seeker, that one. After the Hike back to the top, a view of Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay and a little view of it going into Lake Tahoe. At our favorite park in Folsom. Its where I lived practically when Larry was in the Academy. All WET! The kids were chasing daddy trying to get him wet too. Lake San Antonio. Watch out for the Leeches!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The bump is well...starting to bump. 15 Weeks and counting. The morning sickness has almost disappeared, and the second trimester is in full swing. I will say though that this pregnancy is unlike my other two, and therefore we have no idea what could be inside there. We call it a him, but are sure it could be a girl. We'll just have to wait and see!