Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chalk-Block Party

So we busted out the Sidewalk Chalk and all the neighborhood kids had a blast coloring all over their ummm...faces and hands and legs, and of course the sidewalk.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Monkeys at the Park

Our neighbors and us went to take the dogs to the middle school around the corner for some energy release and we found a few of us hanging from the batting cage instead.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vegas Baby!!

So check out how sweet this is...CHP Softball tournament in the City of Sin, Las Vegas Baby! What does that mean exactly? Four days of no work, worries or kids, that's what that means. We dropped the kids off at Larry's gracious Sisters house and headed for three days and two nights at the Luxor Hotel, ya know the one shaped like a pyrimid with that big light coming out the top, yes that one. Larry played softball with the Santa Barbara team, and let me just say that they probably need to keep their day jobs, however they are not complete loosers, yes they did win one of the five games played last weekend. You're a winner to me Baby, no matter what they say. It was very hot during the day and games they played...ummmm, like ya know over 100, no biggie. And who can pass up a buffet in Vegas, its like trying not to breath in the smoke that hung in the air at about noes level all day, can't miss it. No, unfortunatly we didn't win any money either, I mean whats up with the penny and nickle slots, no love..no love I tell you!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pony farm

A local pony farm just inside Solvang has acres of these cute little ponys. Some neighbor friends and Honey and I went to check it out one day...here is what we saw. Three little 2 year olds, waiting for the pony's to get a little closer. A Mother and her baby.
They weren't getting very close to us so one of the workers just picked one up and brought it over to us so we could get to pet one. Just picked up a horse, can you believe it.
The three trouble makers. Honey, Dallas, and Maddie.
All three of their hands. So precious.
Oh now you tell us. I am pretty bad at not reading the signs until its too late.
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