Monday, September 21, 2009

30 Weeks!

30 weeks has come at last. I am now on the downward hill heading towards home plate. I realize that 20 weeks is half way but for some reason 30 weeks seems like I'm really getting close to being done. I let the kids draw on my belly and the whole time she was kicking away. My Dr. appointments are now every two weeks, which is a trek seeing that its an hour each way. But we do what we must, right? I am trying not to nest, but its really hard not having everything I feel like I need right when I want it. I have time, I keep telling myself. I am putting these pics up for the kids and defiantly not for my own benefit cause dang, that face is almost as big as my belly!
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Honey's first day of Preschool

So Honey had her first day of Preschool today, and boy was she ready. She has been anticipating preschool all summer and was so excited all morning. Big brother Mason was trying to give Honey some advice saying, "Now, don't be scared." She replied, "Scared, I am not scared, Mason." After I dropped her off, I had three hours to myself, WhooHoo!! I did a little grocery shopping, then came home and watched a movie. It was so peaceful, and quiet. Too bad I only get a couple of months of this before the baby comes, then there we go again, starting all over. It should be fun though, and I am ready and looking forward to meeting our new baby girl.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Las Vegas Soft ball Tournament

The annual CHP, Las Vegas Softball Tournament was last weekend, so we dropped our kiddos off at Larry's Sister's house and headed toward "Sin City" for a few days of sun, ball, and fun! We stayed at Planet Hollywood, and had the "Rambo" room. Go Stallone! Whatever. Saturday, Larry had three games ranging from 8:30am-3:00pm. It was a blistering 94 degrees in the morning and by the time we finally left the field it was 108 degrees and raining. Wierd!! Mamma was done. I stayed in the shade all day and still got a sun burn, now that's what you'd call a "White girl". Next it was time to have some fun. We played arcade games and walked up and down the strip, stopping by the M&M and Coke factories. Larry spanked me at basketball, and air hockey, but I smoked him at the race cars! It was a fun little break just the two of us, especially before the baby comes in a couple of months. My Hottie. It doesn't matter what he wears he is just one good looking I right ladies? Go Santa Barbara!! Won 4 out of 5 games!! These two guys were outside our hotel. They are so talented in such weird ways. Mmmmmmm, M&M's! Its amazing to me that people can build such cool things, and then stick it on the side of a building. So cool! I don't really drink the stuff but it made for one impressive elevator. Here is a really hideous pic of me. Please ignore the double chin slowly making its debut. Skeet-ball, Larry is actually really good at this game. Don't ask me why. Arcade basketball is just one of his many talents. Check out how long those tickets are! Mine aren't nearly as impressive, I'm surprised they even gave me any. I won this toy for Honey out of one of those claw games. I never won one of those ever!! I was stoked! Melts in your mouth...not in your hand. Yummy! Of course I'm talking about the M&M. Again, please ignore the double chin. It won't go away until the turkey is done, dang it. Oh shoot, I didn't mean to put our car on here, how in the world did it make it on this post, silly me. Go Larry!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Apple, Berry picking

It's Saturday and well it just feels like one too for once, now that Mason is in school, and weekends are not just every day. So there will be no staying home today, we decided to go to our local farmers and well, pick some berries and apples. It was finally not too hot, thank goodness, so enjoy our pics!~