Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter

We had a wonderful spring break visiting with family, going to the beach, the Avila Valley Barn, and of course a full day of cleaning to get ready for guests. We enjoyed baby chicks, decorating eggs, egg hunts, Easter baskets filled with goodies, family, food, card games, movies, late nights, and lazy afternoons. Here are a few pics from our week.

 Grandpa Monchie and Mason enjoying the warm sun.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Children's Day in the Plaza

San Luis had their annual Children's Day on Saturday, so we headed out for some kid friendly fun. They learned about how much sugar there really is in some of their favorite drinks, what happens to your lungs, teeth and skin to people who smoke, pretended to be superheros, climbed rock walls, some face painting, checked out the fire trucks, made caterpillars and butterflies, and had just a super kid day! It started out chilly, but it ended up being a beautiful day. Here are some pics from a few of our adventures!!
It was only 10:00am and Royal was already getting sleepy.
Honey made Royal a superhero mask!
Grocery shopping for a snack with Daddy.
Mason was super excited to do the rock climbing.
Who needs to use your legs when rock climbing, he's just hanging there, crazy little man!!
Yes! Made it to the top, and rang the bell!
Stop. Drop. Cover. And Roll! A practice run with Velcro flames.
Can't go and not get some face painting! She asked for a Unicorn, of course.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Leprechaun Trap & First Grade Musical

Mason had the assignment to build a Leprechaun trap to bring to school the day before St. Patrick's Day in order to catch one of those up to no good little green guys. Apparently I forgot the memo about it not to be any bigger than a shoe box...oops! He designed it where the Leprechaun would see a pot of gold when he opened the door and would walk in without looking down and fall into the large box because he didn't see the hole, and not be able to escape. Ah well size and scheme apparently doesn't matter, we caught no such Leprechaun that night, but Mason came home talking of stories of how they messed up and broke a few of the other classmates traps and scattered bits of gold around the classroom. I love this age of mystery and fantasy, surprise and pure belief. I will be sad when it all disappears.

Mason also had a school musical. Yeah a real one all the way across the street at the High School performance auditorium. It was theater seating and it felt like a real production. I was amazed at how well thought out it was and all the kids got a moment in the spotlight to sing a song with their class. Honey was beside herself and asked Daddy if he could sign her up for "this". She was up there singing and dancing right along with them, and had no clue what any of the songs were. I'd better sign her up for something, I swear that child was destined for the stage life.

Mason is Top Left Row, 5th person in. He's got his head turned anyway, hard to see him.