Sunday, April 10, 2011

Children's Day in the Plaza

San Luis had their annual Children's Day on Saturday, so we headed out for some kid friendly fun. They learned about how much sugar there really is in some of their favorite drinks, what happens to your lungs, teeth and skin to people who smoke, pretended to be superheros, climbed rock walls, some face painting, checked out the fire trucks, made caterpillars and butterflies, and had just a super kid day! It started out chilly, but it ended up being a beautiful day. Here are some pics from a few of our adventures!!
It was only 10:00am and Royal was already getting sleepy.
Honey made Royal a superhero mask!
Grocery shopping for a snack with Daddy.
Mason was super excited to do the rock climbing.
Who needs to use your legs when rock climbing, he's just hanging there, crazy little man!!
Yes! Made it to the top, and rang the bell!
Stop. Drop. Cover. And Roll! A practice run with Velcro flames.
Can't go and not get some face painting! She asked for a Unicorn, of course.

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Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

SOOO CUTE Janese! Sometimes I just really wish we lived closer. I miss ya.